Construction Trends in Colorado

Colorado is a state with fantastic scenery and nice urban architecture, but the population boom started 3-4 decades ago contributed to the apparition of ugly suburbs and increased the new home construction crisis. The population will double by 2050, job opportunities keep growing in the state, attracting more and more people, and the lack of homes and aesthetics is a worrying issue. Specialists estimate that the construction pace is only at 1995 levels, even if in Denver, for example, it seems that there is construction activity everywhere you look and 2016 saw a record in construction projects.

office view

One of the visible tendencies is to reduce large surface parking lots, increasing the space for new buildings – not just residential, but also office and industrial. However, apartment buildings lead in number (60% of all construction starts, last year).  As with an increase in people, unfortunately there is an increase in need for auto accident lawyer Denver Colorado area too!

Another visible trend is to reduce the size of the homes. The accent now seems to be put on building smaller homes, but with inventive and practical layouts, which compensate the overall size. The materials are more and more strong and eco-friendly. Homes tend to be equipped with more and improved pipes and HVAC systems, as well as high-tech and security features.




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Colorado Real Estate – the Best Places to Move to

The Colorado real estate market is in continuous change, developing quickly, thriving like never before and having something to offer to any buyer and anyone looking for a great rental. However, coping with such diversity can be overwhelming, so here are a few of the top real estate areas in the 8th largest state in the US:

  • Denver – the capital of the state is also its most populous settlement and the city where employment opportunities are the most varied and the most abundant. The city has lots of attractive neighborhoods where housing is still affordable and the city is famous for its excellent schools as well, so it is the perfect choice for families with young children.
  • Arvada – the city is located at only 11 miles from the state capital and has a population of 111,000.personal injury law Housing is much more affordable than in Denver, life here is much quieter, but schools and amenities are just as great.
  • Boulder – the proximity of the Rocky Mountains is what makes this city so special. Boulder is also a center for culture, entertainment and education and a paradise for those who love to live actively, while real estate prices are still affordable and employment is plentiful here, big demands in every field including that of an experienced Denver personal injury lawyer, educated Doctors just to name a few.


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Colorado Living – Wonderful in So Many Ways

Colorado might be famous as the best place for skiing, but there is certainly a lot more to living in the Centennial State than winter sports – here are a few more things that will make you want to live in Colorado:

  • Colorado is among the healthiest states in the US – the weather is great all the time, so locals enjoy sporting activities not only in winter, but the year around. Skiing is only one of the activities you can enjoy – the state’s terrain is diverse and all seasons are beautiful in Colorado, inviting you outside to explore the Rockies and to go rafting;
  • The economy is thriving in the entire state, not only in the cities, but in rural areas as well, with large corporations moving to the state one after the other, creating new jobs and improving living standards, Coloradans are for the most part healthy and don’t spend much time in the hospitals, however a highly educated Denver Medical malpractice attorney can make a great living in Colorado.
  • The people in Colorado are open-minded and laid-back – wherever you are in the state, you will quickly make new friends and enjoy the special atmosphere that is everywhere in the Centennial State;
  • The cost of housing and of living in general has been rising lately, but Colorado is still very affordable compared to many other states across the nation.

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The Main Benefits of Owning One of the Best Home Security Systems

Home security systems can be extremely helpful even if you don’t have the most expensive system out there. However, if you do choose to do your homework and research the best home security system available on the market, there are many important benefits you can look forward to:


  • You can protect your valuables far more efficiently than with other methods. Cutting edge security systems these days have advanced built-in technology that makes it possible to detect crime, scare off burglars, and notify the authorities all at the same time.
  • Using your home security system will discourage crime in the entire area. Studies show that residents using high quality security systems actually make it possible for the entire neighborhood to be crime-free, meaning you’ll also be less likely to have to deal with robbers, and having to obtain the best Denver personal injury attorney in your area.
  • You’ll pay about up to 20% less homeowner’s insurance if you install a reliable home security system. Combined with the lower risk of losing any of your valuables, this benefit ensures that your system practically pays for itself in the long run.
  • Advanced home security systems with cameras help you keep tabs on your kids while you’re at work,. They will also automatically unlock to let your kids enter the house when they return from school, eliminating the possibility that losing their key would become an issue.

There are many more benefits you should be aware of. However, the basic fact is that, as soon as you have your new cutting edge home security system installed, your life will be far less stressful than ever before.

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The Most Essential Safety Tips for Your Kids Returning to School

Whether you just moved to a new area, or your kids are starting school again at the same school they’ve been to for the past 5 years, there are a few very important safety precautions you’ll have to take to ensure their safety:


  1. First of all, make sure you have the talk with your kids regarding what to do and what not to do on the way to and back from school. Advice like “don’t talk to strangers,” “stay alert,” and “take it slow through school zones” should be first on your list. 
  2. If your kids are walking or riding their bikes to school, it’s a good idea for you to walk along the first few times. It will not only help them get to know the area more easily and with greater confidence, but it also allows you to give them immediate pointers on how to choose the best routes.  Keep your Highschool children from driving motorcycles to and from school, recommends the best Denver motorcycle accident lawyer.
  3. Make sure your kids know where to get out of the school bus. This can be difficult the first few times, and you might want to stay home (or have someone home, if you’re at work) to drive your child home in case he/she misses the stop.
  4. Finally, make sure you are a good example of what your child should do in any given situation. Kids learn from example, and as their parent, you are their #1 role model.


With these simple precautions you’ll not only be keeping your child safe when the time comes to go back to school. You’ll also help them learn how to make the best decisions for themselves in due time.

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When Do I Need An Attorney?

Considering that the services of an attorney are typically expensive, many people ask this question: do I really need an attorney, or representing myself in the Court is just as possible?

There is only one situation when you are obligated to be represented legally: in criminal matters. Even if you are in arrest, you have the right to hire an attorney; if you cannot afford this, one will be automatically appointed for you.

In the other instances, having an attorney by your side is optional , which means that it is up to you to determine whether you should hire one or not, according to the severity of the legal matter you are involved in and the potential benefits of being represented legally.  In the case of malpractice you need an experienced Denver medical malpractice attorney such as Dan Caplis Law.

However, the advantages of hiring an attorney cannot be denied. Lawyers are familiar with the law and its modifications, as well as with cases similar with yours; they have years of training in recognizing, investigating and solving legal matters. Some litigation rules and procedures are very complicated – but not for lawyers who deal with them on a daily basis.

Having an expert by your side will save you a lot of time and energy. Additionally, lawyers will do their best to obtain a positive result or at least the best legal arrangement for their clients.

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Famous Legal Trials That Have Shocked the World

Some are investigated for several months, while others are dissected by prosecutors for years… Investigating complex files involving famous names can make the media’s delight, often waking up controversies and strong feelings among the population.  Dan Caplis Law is a Denver personal injury lawyer who will protect your rights, and you don’t have to be famous.

In this following, we will present you with 3 such famous legal trials.

O. J. Simpson

In 1995, the former American football star was acquitted, in the most controversial process of the century. If he had been found guilty of killing his wife and boyfriend, he risked the death penalty. Simpson enjoyed his victory until 2008 when he was sentenced to 33 years in prison for robbery and assault – not related to the original trial.

Martha Stewart

Producer Martha Stewart was convicted in 2002 for illegal actions sale. In 2004, she was sentenced at five months in jail, for obstructing the justice. The cost of this case has been estimated at ten million dollars.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson pleaded not guilty to accusations of pedophilia and was acquitted in 2005, after the young 13-year-old young Gavin Arvizo said he was repeatedly molested by the artist. Similar accusations were also brought to Michael Jackson before this case and didn`t stop not even after his death;  in 2014, the administrators of the singer’s fortune were sued by a 36-year-old man who claimed that in the 1980s, he has been sexually abused repeatedly by the artist.

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What Is Workman’s Comp For?

Workman’s Comp or Worker Compensation insurance is a legal obligation of employers who must ensure a safe workplace and conditions for the employees. Unfortunately, accidents happen all the time and the best thing is to be prepared. Workman’s Comp provides coverage translated into benefits  for both the employer and the employee a :medical care and compensation of a part of the income lost while the employee cannot work and protection for the employer against lawsuits filed by employees who get injured while being at work.

It doesn’t matter who’s fault was in the accident; with Workman’s Comp, the injured worker will receive compensation.   Dan Caplis Law is available a proven Denver personal injury attorney will stand for you.

Important things you need to know:

-Worker Compensation insurance will cover most but not all job-related injuries. Limitations include accidents that happen due to using alcohol and drugs, self-inflicted injuries, injuries caused by improper behavior (for example a person who starts a fight), or injuries that follow company policy violation.

-You do not have to be injured at your workplace to receive coverage; you only have to do work-related errand or attend business-related tasks.

-You will receive coverage not just for medical diagnosis and treatment, but also for disability issues, rehabilitation and retraining.

-In special cases, if you are injured because of an intentional action of the employer, you can bypass the workman’s comp and sue for various damages.

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Why Hire A Personal Injury Attorney?

personal injury lawIf you or someone you know and want to help out is facing a personal injury case, you definitely need the best and most professional representation, in other words, you need a lawyer who specializes in personal injury cases. Many people choose to handle their case themselves, but soon find out that the outcome of their case is far from what they expected. Proper legal representation in a case that involves personal injury requires experience and professional knowledge that only trained lawyers can provide and includes not only knowledge related to the legal process, but also personal contacts. Though expertise and routine are certainly only two of the most important benefits of hiring a lawyer that specialized in personal injury cases, there are many other advantages, too – here are some.

Contingency Fees

Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, which means that you will pay them only if they obtain compensation for you or they win the case for you. Their contingency fees are usually paid from the compensation settlement, so you will not have to pay anything out of your pocket and you can be sure your attorney is motivated to obtain the best possible settlement for you.

Experience in Finding Alternative Ways to Resolve the Dispute

Going to trial is not the only way to settle a personal injury case. Lawyers have vast experience with arbitration, mediation and they have superior negotiation skills that they will use on your behalf, thus saving you a lot of time, money and stress.

Obtaining the Best Possible Compensation as Quickly as Possible

The professional approach used by your lawyer on your behalf guarantees the best possible outcome – whether it is through alternative ways of settlement or in court, in front of a jury, experienced lawyers will know how to handle your case and how to obtain results within the shortest time possible

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